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Market Research and Statistics

Report Contents

The reports contain statistical overviews of world clothing and footwear markets. They are concise (5 page) statistical studies, with demand forecasts to 2013. Time series data from 2006 is supplied for the world's fifteen largest economies. Data is also broken down by global geographical regions.

This Executive Summary style research is intended for managers, researchers and industry analysts. For ease of comparison all prices are quoted in US Dollars.

Countries and economic groupings specifically mentioned in these clothing and footwear reports are:

ASEAN, Benelux, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States.

Children's ClothingMarch 2010
Children's FootwearMarch 2010
Cleaning & Hire of ClothingMarch 2010
ClothingMarch 2010
Clothing AccessoriesMarch 2010
Clothing & FootwearMarch 2010
Clothing MaterialsMarch 2010
Domestic AppliancesApril 2010
FootwearMarch 2010
GarmentsMarch 2010
Glass ContainersApril 2010
GlassApril 2010
JewelleryApril 2010
Machine ToolsApril 2010
Men's ClothingMarch 2010
Men's FootwearMarch 2010
Men's OuterwearMarch 2010
Men's UnderwearMarch 2010
NewsprintApril 2010
Paints and VarnishesApril 2010
Paper and Paper ProductsApril 2010
Publishing April 2010
Restaurants and HotelsApril 2010
Women's ClothingMarch 2010
Women's FootwearMarch 2010
Women's OuterwearMarch 2010
Women's UnderwearMarch 2010